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Dear Captain Awkward:

How do you non-awkwardly handle compliments and being thanked?

I’ve always hated being praised or thanked, even as a kid. I never know what to say.

My mum constantly thanks me for stuff that is a normal part of being a housemate. She really does not need to thank me for hanging the washing or doing the dishes – its what people who want to live in cleanliness and household harmony do. Not something extra. How do I say “you’re welcome” three times in five minutes while sounding sincere?

Also, how does one make being thanked for buying gifts less awkward? I know it was nice to do, thats why I did it, I don’t need to be given more than a cursory thank you and perhaps an update as to how they enjoyed it.

I loathe being praised, so much that as a child I would hide good marks on assignments so my parents wouldnt praise me. If I’ve done good, generally I just enjoy the thing well done.

But since I know thats my issue – how does one graciously accept praise and what are ways to quickly change the subject?

Awkward Turtle

Dear Awkward Turtle:

The answer to this is always “Thank you” or “You’re welcome” or “It was my pleasure,” and the subject will change itself.

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