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You don't have to let horrible creatures stay with you! Also, this TV show was a real thing in the world.

Today’s letter kinda sorta lets me jump in on Dan Savage’s DTMFA-a-thon.

Dear Captain Awkward,

I am having a real problem with a house guest staying at my house. She and her husband have been friends with my husband Aaron long before I met him. Both decided to move to New York and sold the house, her husband moved there while she is here settling law suits.  She was originally staying with a neighbors but they kicked her out because supposedly the husband was mean to her so she asked if she could move in with us…and since I didn’t want to be rude I said yes.  

Right now I am really regretting saying yes…she has paid her rent on time but has no sense of boundaries.  She says I am a bad wife because I don’t do enough cooking and cleaning and has even told Aaron that  she would always make sure that he had home cooked meals when he got home instead of the skillet dinners I make(I am really bad at cooking) She says she is only trying to help me out “to make me a better wife”  She barges in our room and talks to Aaron when we are trying to have a conversation and has even nudged me out of the way a few times.   She criticizes  my voice and says I sound whiny and need to watch how I talk….I feel like I have no privacy and can’t be myself in my own home  with her criticizing how I spend my time.  I have ADHD and am really forgetful about things sometimes and she will say stuff like I am having a Debbie moment if she forgets things….Whenever I complain to Aaron he will say it’s just her personality and she means no harm, or she is just joking.  

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