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Hello, I am back from my Forth Worth/Amarillo vacation. I can tell you that North Main BBQ in Euless is LEGIT, you Texans are really onto something with that whole Bluebell ice cream thing, and that it is as fun as you think it is to cuddle four tiny wiggly puppies simultaneously. My boyfriend’s family and friends are awesome and showed me a great time. He’s still back there getting his mom settled in after an extended hospital stay, while I am catching up with my local friends and planning the upcoming semester. I should be back to some kind of regular blogging schedule here. MASSIVE thanks to alphakitty for her heroic moderation efforts while I was gone.

Some announcements:

  • If you’re in the Chicago area, I’ll be speaking & reading some stuff from the blog at Northwestern University on Tuesday, January 22nd from 6-7 pm, in the Norris Student Center. Loose topic is “mental health & stress for college students.” There will be a Q&A afterward.
  • The great group blog In Our Words has an advice columnist devoted to answering questions from people in the poly & kink communities. I think this is the resource a lot of you have been wanting, yes?
  • The London Awkward Community is planning to make their meetups a monthly thing. Details of the next one below.
Dear Awkward Army,

The last two London meetups were so successful that we want to make it a regular monthly thing.  Next one is the 26th January, and hopefully the last Saturday of every month after that.

The venue last time worked out well, and they’ve offered us discounts (unspecified so far, but possibly free drinks), so I’m sticking with that.

26th January, 11:00 am onwards, Leon restaurant, 36/38 Old Compton Street, London, W1D 4TT.


Leon have a variety of good food at very reasonable prices – for central London, anyway!  Menu here:

This branch has an accessible toilet, and we’ll be on the ground floor in the back (around behind the food service counter).

I have long brown hair and glasses.  I will bring my plush Cthulhu to use as a table marker.  It looks like this:

My email address is kate DOT towner AT gmail DOT com

Incidentally, I also intend to weep along with Les Miserables that afternoon/evening, at the O2 or elsewhere by arrangement.  Let me know if you want to come too!Cheers,