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A big exclamation point.

With great kink comes great responsibility: Use your words!

I’m still posting at Feministe this week, most recently about how The Interrupters allowed me to finally process and write about some of the violent incidents I witnessed in my old neighborhood.  The filmmaker is a personal hero of mine, so when he stopped by to comment I had a little geek-out involving many exclamation points.

Today we have a guest-post from Holly at The Pervocracy.  She writes great stuff like How Not To Be Creepy and a monthly Cosmocking series and this pretty amazing breakdown of Why Does She Stay With That Jerk? from the perspective of someone who patches up domestic violence victims in the ER, and also sometimes about kinky kinky sex.

Hi Captain!

I have a problem. It’s a problem that might just work itself out in time but, being an incredibly impatient person, I’m worrying at it like a dog with a sock.

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