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Rich” is still offering his “insights” into dating and relationships, y’all.

Here’s how he thinks you can keep a guy’s attention. There’s a lot of the usual “thrill of the chase” stuff, like, men like feeling like they have to “gently compete” for your attention, and he also tells you about the power of the “sexy glare” and being a “classy dresser who exudes sexy undertones” (I’m sure Marie Claire has related content on that).  If you have sex too soon or “show too much leg” you’ll only attract the “wrong kind of guy.”

Here’s how I think you can keep a guy’s attention:

1. Keep living your life exactly the way you want to live it and do your awesome thing.

2.  Be kind and direct and sexy with your chosen partner and treat them the way you want to be treated and in a way that makes you comfortable and happy with the pace of things.

3. They’ll either pay attention or they won’t.

You can’t control this shit, ok?  Dress how you dress.  Act how you act.  Fuck when you fuck.  Wear what you wear. People will either be into it, or not.  There’s no subtle game of psychological warfare that you can use to trick someone into paying more attention to you than they want to.  I realize that all women’s magazines live or die on the fallacy that there IS a way to control this if you just (bought stuff)(became thinner than you are now, no matter what you weigh now, you must be THINNER)(bought more stuff), but there isn’t a guaranteed way to fascinate.

That doesn’t mean you can’t change your life for the better – I personally have been working on dressing better at work, rewriting my resume, and doing the dishes right after I use them – but if the change is authentic it becomes part of your personality and isn’t some temporary trick you put on to impress someone you’re dating.