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A heart against a background of grass with the words "Hey Girl a date with you would make me 30-35% more human."

Adapted under a Creative Commons license from a photo by David Goehring on Flickr. A lovely photo that probably deserved better than this.

So. That happened. If you feel overwhelmed about diving in, Rachel Scotland made a tl;dr version here. But I hope people will dive in. The commenters gave, collectively, some of the greatest advice about dating, liking and being nice to yourself, meeting people, and pulling yourself out of bad patterns of thinking ever assembled on the internet. The last communication I received from our dear LW before hitting the block button was a hearty “go fuck yourself!” I was hoping for something more poetic from the man who gave us this:

The icy grip of loneliness is always one step behind me and if I stop for one second, I’ll be ensnared. We all have to sleep, and there is no worse a time than when I must lie down and let my mind wander as the loneliness that I spent a whole day running from sucks the very essence of my soul from my body leaving me shivering and alone.

…but we get what we get. And what we got was stuff like PomperaFirpa’s guide to finding your awesome, finding your venue for awesome, and a 5-step plan for having a casual conversation with a stranger about anything that even includes instructions for making a graceful exit! Designed BY introverts FOR introverts.

This community fucking rocks, is what I’m saying. I could spend the next three months taking comments from that thread and building them out into their own posts. Next time I apply for jobs I’m going to put “curator of best commentspace on the Internet” on my resume without irony.

Good job, us.

I’m not going to close comments over there, but I’m going to ask that people don’t go in just to beat up on the LW some more. He behaved pretty badly and needs to grow up a bit and learn that the world won’t issue him a girlfriend, but he’s obviously a sad, genuinely lonely dude and I’m hoping that he’ll come back in a couple weeks and read some of the comments again (and I was serious about the reading more books, etc. by women advice, if you’re still reading, and I think you are).

I’m going to leave this up today as a general open thread. Post recommendations for great books, movies, comics, music by women! Shamelessly self-promote (as I am doing, below the cut) your own work! Use quotes from the thread to make your own counter-intuitive valentine!

I need to step away from the internet for a few hours and unfuck my habitat. Thanks for being so awesome.

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