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Dear Captain Awkward,

I’ve got a thing for this guy who I met through a mutual friend. He lives in another city so I don’t see him all that often [it’s close enough that a lot of people date (and non-romantically commute) between the two cities, but far enough that casual hanging out with friends can be difficult]. We’re fairly friendly on Facebook and the like though, which has kept the infatuation going.

Mutual Friend thinks we’d be perfect together, but she refuses to find out if he might be interested in me [because she is also awkward?]. I’ve reached the point where the fun of having a crush has worn off and normally at this stage I’d just go ‘fuck it’ and get a good friendship out of the deal – but that is probably why I am perpetually single with a lot of really amazing friends. I feel like I should be proactive about this and actually do something, but my issues with that are as follows: Read More