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Neil Patrick Harris

If only his mom hadn’t dressed him in pink pants sometimes.

Dear Captain,

About 3 months ago I had the most perfect baby in the world. He is the first grandchild on both sides and is revelling in the attention he’s getting from his grandparents.

So far so good, right? Well. My partner is away for work for about 3 weeks and his mom is here to help with the baby. My partner and I have agreed that we will do our best to not indoctrinate our son in the ways of masculinity – that we’ll let him explore what gender means to him. My partner’s mother…is not quite on the same page.

Perfect Baby’s wardrobe is overwhelmingly masculine (mostly because both grandmas are always showing up with armloads of little onesies with cars and dinosaurs on them, and I am in no financial position to refuse them), but I am still getting snide little remarks that I’m “dressing him like a girl” because of ONE PAIR of little pink pants. HULK MAMA SMASH. Doesn’t matter if everything else he owns is blue or green, the pink pants contaminate the lot.

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Hello, Awkwardeers, I’m guest-blogging at Feministe this week and next.  I’ll still post questions here as time allows, but today’s question, How do I define feminism for myself and my future kids?, is over there.

My inbox is bursting with questions right now, and some of them are really, really, really long and include all possible backstory and analysis. Some backstory and analysis is helpful to me and to readers, because, well, honestly, it usually means you’re answering your own question somewhere in the text.  But, as I don’t have time to spend editing questions for length,  I’d like to put a request out there to keep it around 500 words, max.*  Or, if you want, you can send a really long but oh-so-interesting question, and I might email you back and ask you to cut it down yourself. After all, I’m a wordy motherfucker, and I don’t judge!  Fair enough?

*FYI, this post is about 150 words, if you’re looking for a way to eyeball it.