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Some things cannot be explained, only endured.

Dear Captain Awkward:

I’m having a really hard time getting over my ex-boyfriend.  It’s not like he was Darth Vader, he’s really nice, good, stable, friendly, etc.

We knew each other from college and were friends first. After being together for 2 years we started talking about getting married.  He wanted us to move in together and I wanted to wait until we were engaged. He gave me an ultimatum, like “I can’t get engaged until after we live together for a while, so what’s the holdup if you love me?”  I gave him the ultimatum of “Well, if you’re committed enough to want to be together 24-7, why is being engaged such a huge hurdle?”

He said he’d think about it. My birthday came in November, I thought maybe he’d ask me then. Christmas came in December.  Still no ring. I can see you rolling your eyes right now – I swear to god I was not one of THOSE people. After we had some serious talks  and he said he wanted to think about it, I never brought it up. I didn’t hint about it, I didn’t go through his pockets looking for a ring box, I didn’t pressure him.  I love my apartment and am in no hurry to move in – it’s just that I didn’t want to move in without that larger commitment there.

Finally in January he took me out to dinner so we could “talk”, and I thought “Maybe this is it!” and put on a really great dress and went to the Mac counter for makeup…and you know where this is going, right?

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