#770: Coworker’s thoughtless comments are triggering me.

Hi Captain- TW for mention of suicide/suicidal ideation, if you would appreciate the warning ("mention" like "this thing exists in my past" mention). I started a new office job (my first office job, though not my first 9-5) four months ago, and so far it's been great! It's a smallish office- about 30 people- as … Continue reading #770: Coworker’s thoughtless comments are triggering me.

#749: “Just join FetLife and be done with it.”

Dear Captain, et al, and Awkardeers, I have searched the archives and not seen anything like my current conundrum. Cliffnotes: Former partner at the law firm where I am an associate, Jim, left the firm last year. We worked together for approximately a year, during which time he took lengthy FMLA absences. I haven't spoken … Continue reading #749: “Just join FetLife and be done with it.”

#395: Confronting offensive bosses and coworkers.

Dear Captain Awkward, I have a dilemma that I suspect is quite common, but I'm still running into mental roadblocks as to how to properly approach it. Background: I'm a lesbian and a big-eff Feminist working in a male-dominated field, in a male-dominated company. I've worked marketing, event planning and PR for rape crisis centres, … Continue reading #395: Confronting offensive bosses and coworkers.