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Hello! It’s time for the monthly ritual where I answer short questions and give priority to the patrons who keep the lights on and the web-hamsters running. We’ve got twelve questions this week, I’ve written up the first batch and will post the rest later in the weekend. Topics: Passive-aggressive coworkers, celebrating a climb out of depression, figuring out fit a new job, settling in in a new town, becoming a therapist to the stars, and becoming better at conflict.

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Old Miller High Life ad "It's Miller Time" with Miller crossed out and "Therapy" added.Hi,

Well, I’m just out of the worst part of a nasty emotional crash and into the ‘ok what the fuck do I do’ section of it. Also the ‘I need a nap’ section of it (stress makes me sleepy).

On New Year’s Eve, I invited some friends over. These are my boyfriend (pseudonym: Kitty), and two friends (pseudonyms: Peaches and Fingers). Kitty, Peaches and I played/assisted/made snarky comments about a particular video game, and we all watched a film together. I thought the evening had gone pretty well.

Additional note: I have been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, and Kitty and Peaches are strongly suspected to have it, although they do not have a formal diagnosis. Fingers doesn’t have Asperger’s syndrome, but he does have a history of depression. Athough to be honest all of us have more issues than the Times newspaper individually.

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