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The Bristol Awkward Army is having another meetup this weekend. Here are the details:

Hi Captain,

The Bristol(UK) branch of the awkward army are having another meetup this Saturday (the 22nd) between 2 and 5, in the Watershed Cafe. The Watershed is in an easy-to-find location on the Waterfront, just next to the Tourist Info place. It is also a fancy art house cinema, so is a recognisable landmark for Bristol pedestrians, who I’m sure would be more than happy to give
directions, should anyone get lost. As a location, the Watershed is fully accessible, though the cafe is up a flight of stairs (there is a lift). The full menu can be found here <>, though we usually just order some snacks for the table. People are welcome
to contribute or not contribute as they wish.

We will have a sign which reads “Awkward Army” and a pink sock monkey. The chances are, we’ll be pretty distinctive!

We have a facebook event here, for those people on facebook, and an Awkward Army facebook group <>, which anyone is welcome to join.


Caitlin Greenwood

A journalist sent me a very nice request looking for online advice success stories. Here it is:


I’ve just discovered your blog via a recommendation in the xoJane comments, and I love it. The combination of intersectional feminism and actual empowering advice is a rare and wonderful thing!

I’m researching a lot of advice blogs at the moment because I’m a UK-based freelance journalist writing a feature about online advice for Healthy magazine ( I’m looking for someone who had a life question answered on a blog and found it helpful, and I’m sure many readers of your blog must be in that position. I’d want to email them a few questions, which they could answer anonymously.

I’m of course not asking for you to pass on anyone’s details, but if you’d be comfortable putting the word out to your community, I’d really appreciate it, and would of course feature some info on your blog in the finished piece.

No worries if you’d rather not — keep up the great work, either way!

All best,


If that fits your bill and you’re interested in sharing your story for a possible article, Diane’s email address is linked at her name.

Finally, I’ve been hitting mic at Story Club South Side a lot recently, and getting back in the swing of live lit readings. I’m pleased to announce I’ll be a part of the lineup at That’s All She Wrote on Sunday, August 11 at Swim Cafe. I’m going to look for a venue close to there where we can do a late afternoon/early evening Awkward meetup before the show.