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Smeagol wears a party hat and brings you dead bunnies.


Here’s another guest-post from Commander Logic, who has posted here on the topics of  long-held virginity, Game-of-Thrones-and-Tits,  and finding your people and your place. She was recently seen plying friends with hot stew and beer during an epic showing of the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy.*


It’s my 35th birthday today, so I wonder if you could gift me with your wit and wisdom?

I’m basically feeling stuck. After Uni I struggled and worked crazy hours in the type of liberal arts work I really enjoyed, but which is very badly paid and very busy, and meant I was constantly moving around, barely making ends meet and staying in shared flats with bad heating and volatile hot water supply, although mostly great company. Things getting better was always just around the corner, but it seemed that things were moving up and I’d get a stable job surely, one of those days.

Now, the last job I had turned into what I slowly realized was a two-year bullying marathon. In terms of the work I did, I got results that were recognized – by peers outside, not within the institution  – but it left me utterly exhausted, listless and unemployed 7 months ago.

Basically, I feel like I am back to zero. I am in a new country, I need to get a job, a flat, and hopefully a bunch of good friends around me. I’ve not had a regular relationship ever. For the last months, I have felt,melodramatically, crushed, or rather immobile. I do make sure to take care of myself, doing exercise, eating decent food, keeping in touch with friends and family, going out as much as possible to meet new people and not shut myself in. I also look at the job openings every morning, and I do apply for jobs. I’ve done a bunch of unpaid stuff  to keep somewhat connected to ‘my field.’

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