Questions are closed for the time being. Good news! Some form of your question has probably been discussed in the extensive archives, which are searchable by topic and also listed here.

We are not equipped to handle crisis situations. If you need info on how to find affordable mental health carewhat to expect when you call a hotline or helpline, and what it’s like in a mental hospital, here you are.. And if you are in need of an immediate listening ear, a safe place to stay, a resource for crime victims, etc., please find  + call a local, appropriately-staffed & trained resource that can help you.

Need help locating the right resource? I found this massive list of hotlines & resources covering suicide prevention, domestic abuse, LGBTQ, eating disorders, etc. on Tumblr. If that doesn’t get you anywhere, use the internet search engine of your choice to look for “words related to your problem” + “hotline” or “helpline” + “your location.”

You are important, what is happening to you is important, you deserve actual care and not the ruminations of some lady whenever she gets around to it, ok?

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