#1304: “Fox News stole my mom and replaced her with a ranting lady who won’t let me say or do anything without it setting her off. How do I get along with her until I can leave for college?”

On calling bluffs, escape velocity, and the futile, necessary, but probably still futile, work of reclaiming some of our relatives from history's flaming dumpster. Content note: Sometimes honestly talking about authoritarian stuff and white supremacy means describing it, so there are examples of actual racist and xenophobic statements from relatives herein.

#1189: “Fox News, Immigrant Family, and the F******* Wedding Invite List”

Dear Captain Awkward, I've met somebody lovely and we're getting married in the summer. (My pronouns: she/her, my fiancee's: they/them) I'm thrilled to celebrate with all my family and friends...except one person. My uncle has mainlined Fox News for longer than I've been alive and has selected me, his queer, liberal niece, as a prime … Continue reading #1189: “Fox News, Immigrant Family, and the F******* Wedding Invite List”

It Came From The Search Terms: February Seven

It's time to answer the things people typed into search engines as if they are questions. Here is a seasonal jam by The Avett Brothers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkVM4AxzxCE Lyrics are here. 1 "I can't stand going to my friend's house because she smokes inside." Legit! I have a very hard time with smoke (asthma trigger), the same … Continue reading It Came From The Search Terms: February Seven

Short Answer Friday for 11/2

Hello! This morning I am voting, picking Henrietta Pussycat up from the vet from her spay, and then I'm answering short questions this afternoon. Review of how it works: Patrons can submit questions at this thread (Advantage: More than 280 characters). Anyone can submit questions anytime via Twitter – @CAwkward, #awkwardfriday. Please use the hashtag, my … Continue reading Short Answer Friday for 11/2