Personal Updates & Introducing This Week’s Guest Blogger

Hello Gentle and Attractive Readers! I've got a mix of very cool and very weird stuff to announce. COOL: I'm working with Suzie Townsend at New Leaf Literary to get a series of book projects into the world. books. Essay books. WEIRD: Tomorrow I am having a minor surgical procedure to hopefully take care … Continue reading Personal Updates & Introducing This Week’s Guest Blogger

Personal Update

Please forgive the hiatus in posting and moderation. Mr. Awkward's bipolar disorder has gone into full "I AM UR JERKBRAIN TRYING TO ANNIHILATE U" mode and this week he checked himself into the hospital. He's safe, and getting treatment that he needs, but I'm not gonna lie - the whole process of getting him in … Continue reading Personal Update

Short Answer Friday! Reading a story tonight! Kittens! Exclamation points!

Hello readers, You can submit questions at the Patreon thread (advantage: you get more than 280 characters and first dibs) or on Twitter (@CAwkward, #awkwardfriday). Submissions close at noon. FYI answers will slide slightly later today and probably won't be updated piece by piece since I have a last minute appointment at noon. Like, everything … Continue reading Short Answer Friday! Reading a story tonight! Kittens! Exclamation points!


My new coworkers are seriously interfering with my productivity. They're here. Meet Henrietta Pussycat (back, with the darker markings) and Daniel Striped Tiger (lying down), adopted via the wonderful Feline Friends Chicago fostering rescue. Check out the tiny watch they photoshopped on Daniel to make him more like his puppet namesake! Obviously he had to … Continue reading KITTENS KITTENS KITTENS KITTENS

No posts this week

I'm moving apartments during finals week because I make great decisions!   If you need some advice to tide you over while I'm drowning in boxes, Ask A Manager's book comes out today. If you like laughing and crying at the same time, Samantha Irby's Meaty was just reissued. Be excellent to each other, and … Continue reading No posts this week