I’ve got a regular gig at Indiewire, writing fanfictional advice columns for TV characters. You can see those columns here. If you have a letter from your favorite TV character you’d like answered, send it to me with “for Indiewire” in the subject line and maybe you’ll see it in print. For the best chance of getting it answered, make sure the show is currently on and the problem is caught up with recent events on the show.

Read this piece at The Archipelago on adoption and fantasies about finding my “real” family, When My Mom Was An Astronaut.

Story Club Magazine published my tale of Making New Friends At Camp. If you can’t make it to Chicago for a live lit show, you can read my stuff there. My story Alternate Endings to Hamlet is there as well.

Feministe was one of the first sites to give me a platform and share my work. If you want to read my thoughts on race, gender, casting, and teaching, check out this piece.


Here is my short film, The Wardrobe, a creepy fairy tale about makeovers.

Here also is a short comedy I directed about online dating, Meet In A Public Place.

I’ve been working as a First Assistant Director on a friend’s web series, It’s You, which is going to be so awkward and great when it comes out. Stay tuned.

  1. Genui9 said:

    I read your advice to “Unlucky-In-Love-Nickles” on Indiwire and couldn’t help LOL, while being at a very sad place in my heart.
    Thank-you! I really needed a good laugh, just what the doctor ordered. I’ve read your work here before so of course I think you’re brilliant and am a fan. I’d though about writing in to get your perspective about an unfortunate parting with my nearest and dearest friend of over 40yrs. I’ve loved surfing around here trying to find something that would fit the bill and apply it to my quandary. Oops…, what was I thinking, back to you and loving that you momentarily broke my spell so perfectly. ❤️

    • JenniferP said:

      You are so sweet, this makes my day! Thank you.

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