Questions are open. The email address is at the end of this post. Please read the instructions before submitting, because some things have changed.

  1. Questions are pre-screened by The Goat Lady.
  2. By writing you grant us the right to publish any emails that you send us on the blog and in future projects, commercial or or otherwise (if, for example, there were ever a Captain Awkward book or TV show) without seeking further permission.
  3. We do not answer all the questions we receive or work in any kind of order. Demand is high, so please search the archives to see if a similar question has been answered before, and make use of the forums at if you want to crowdsource support.
  4. We reserve the right to edit for content & length, but in nearly all cases we don’t, so please proofread and cut it down to 450 words before you send. If you need pages & pages of backstory, you are self-identifying this as a “for a therapist or counselor problem, to be worked on over time,” not a blog post. Readers report that the process of writing everything out can be enormously helpful in itself, and that may be a necessary step! But boil it down to the essentials before you hit send, we beg you.
  5. As a rule we do not share people’s identities or email addresses, but this rule is suspended in the case of threatening or abusive content which may be shared with internet service providers and law enforcement.
  6. On the subject of anonymity, please change names of people in your story to protect their anonymity. We assume you’ve already done that when you send it in.
  7. This is not a crisis hotline. This is not a crisis hotline. We are not equipped to give any kind of immediate crisis care. We are not staffed in a way that we can even listen & make soothing noises or direct you to local resources. Please check out these posts on how to find affordable mental health care and what to expect when you call a hotline or helpline. If you are in need of an immediate listening ear, a safe place to stay, a resource for crime victims, etc., please find  + call a local, appropriately-staffed & trained resource that can help you.You are important, what is happening to you is important, you deserve actual care and not the ruminations of some lady whenever she gets around to it, ok?
  8. I am sorry, I am not answering any questions about rape or sexual assault at this time. Let me make that clearer: I am not trained or emotionally able to read and respond to accounts of sexual assaults and rapes at this time. If you have been raped or think you may have been sexually assaulted, I beg you to seek out a hotline or local counseling resource for immediate, assistance from trained people. If you don’t know where to start, good search terms are: “hotline, helpline, crisis” + (nature of your issue) + city or state where you are.
  9. The email address for questions is awkwardmailbox at gmail dot com. Moderation issues are still handled at the welcometoawkwardtown address, and I’m reachable on Twitter at @CAwkward.
  10. You’re invited & encouraged to supply your preferred pronouns.


  1. Jae said:

    How do you ask a question then? The “Submit a question here.” link doesn’t seem to work.

    • Hi Jae, pardon me for butting in; the mailbox for questions is at awkwardmailbox at gmail dot com .

  2. Jae said:

    Not at all! Thank you for the answer 🙂

  3. SarahJoy said:

    Im so glad you are open to questions again, I dont have one myself but I learn so so much by reading other questions and the response and comments. Through this blog I’ve learnt and grown so much. You are amazing!

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