The email address of the question inbox you seek is at the end of the post. Please read the instructions first!

  1. The blog wouldn’t exist without you, so, thanks!
  2. Submitting a question gives me the right to publish it on the site and use it in other media (a Captain Awkward book, for example) in perpetuity.
  3. We can edit questions for content and length, but usually don’t. If you want to keep the people & situations in your letter anonymous (and you probably do), change the names & details before you submit. Please also try to keep your text under 400 words.
  4. We’ve been at this a while, so, try searching the archives to see if your question has been answered before.
  5. Please also familiarize yourself with the site policies.
  6. I don’t share email addresses, real names, or personal details of Letter Writers with anyone, ever. However, harassment or violent threats will be documented and, if necessary, reported to law enforcement.
  7. Questions aren’t answered in any particular order or on any schedule. I don’t answer all the questions I receive.
  8. Re: Point #7: This is not a crisis hotline. If you are in a scary or violent situation, if you’ve been assaulted, if you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call a trained person who can give you the immediate assistance you deserve. Here are some lists of helplines that others have compiled. I haven’t tested all the links & numbers for accuracy, so please know that you can also type “helpline” + “[nature of your crisis/issue/problem]” + [where you live] into a search engine and come up with results local to you.

Thanks again for reading. The email address for the question box is

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