Sponsored/Guest Post Policy

How guest posts happen, per the site policies: Sometimes I invite regular commenters or writers I admire to contribute to the site.

This is the only way that guest posts happen. Are you a marketing professional or a representative of a content mill who wants to “offer” me an “opportunity” to “share” “unique” and “exciting” sponsored “content” with my readers?

The answer to your question is no. Categorically no. Forever no.

The last several pitches have been for Father’s Day razors (No), Keylogging Software so Parents Can Monitor Teens Online (Creepy and terrifying!), Cinco de Mayo Office Party Ideas (nope!), and Hollywood Tricks For Making Your Waist Look Thinner (No, and also, fuck you). Please stop pretending that you read the blog and have somehow targeted this to be relevant; it’s embarrassing for both of us.