Art Prompts?

Hello on this Monday-est of Mondays,

After 1314, many of you have written to me wanting prompts for making creative work. I am happy to put my funky art teacher hat on (somebody should get something out of this MFA), and I put a series of public, free posts on my Patreon with exercises and prompts. So far:

  • Pocket Story: Low key, good for beginners, good for generating new ideas quickly in a low-stakes, fun way, can be collaborative or not.
  • 10 x 10: Good for revising and re-focusing something you’re already working on. Good for non-outliners like me, good for outliners to check and see if what they planned to say and what they actually said are still congruent.
  • Secret Audience: A way to make yourself go there, emotionally speaking, by choosing a muse and a purpose.

I’ll probably post more of these on the Patreon as the mood strikes me, and I’ll try to come back and link them from this post as I do, so you only need to bookmark one thing.

Stay alive and make things. Have fun.