Online Meetup

Please note that all times listed in this post are in Australian Western Standard Time (UTC+8). People from other parts of the world are very welcome to join us.

Fans of Captain Awkward online meetup

When: Saturday 19th December 7:00 – 8:30pm AWST

Discord voice and/or text chat – I will add the link to this post 5 min before the start of the meetup. (Downloading Discord is not required as you can use it through a computer web browser)

Come and have a chat with other fans of this blog.

As someone who is opting out of family holiday celebrations (for the third year in a row), I particularly welcome any other “opt-out-ers” who might like to talk about this topic.

Note: The same standards of behaviour that are expected here at are expected at the meetup.

3 thoughts on “Online Meetup

  1. I cannot attend the meetup because time zones but I wanted to say: I am opting out of family due to the pandemic and it is sad and hard and weird! I am planning some ‘fancy’ foods to take up some time prepping and cooking on the day. Jedi hugs if you want them. Thank you for organizing!

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