Online meetup

Please note that all times listed in this post are in Australian Western Standard Time (UTC+8). People from other parts of the world are very welcome to join us – and I’d particularly like to invite any Melbourne readers who are in need of a friendly virtual catch up right now.

Fans of Captain Awkward online meetup

When: Sunday 9th August 6.30pm – 8.00pm AWST

Discord voice (& text) chat – I will add the link to this post 5 min before the start of the meetup. (Downloading Discord is not required as you can use it through a computer web browser)

Come and have a chat with other fans of this blog. If there are enough people interested, there may be a game of Drawful starting around 7 pm.

Note: The same standards of behaviour that are expected here at are expected at the meetup.

6 thoughts on “Online meetup

    1. So I basically just organise the meetups that I host to suit my schedule. And I’m not able to plan too far in advance right now. I’m actually considering another online meetup for next weekend – but I won’t know for sure until Tues maybe..? But if it’s going ahead, I’ll definitely posted it to the main blog. For the discord, check the comments of the March London meetup cancelled post. (It seems like it’s not really used much between meetups though).

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