Formatting Weirdness

Update (7/6): Have reached the stage of testing a template for general usability & accessibility to see how I like living with it for a couple of days before customizing font sizes & colors for greatest readability & contrast. Thank you for your patience.

I’m getting reader feedback that the current template is doing weird stuff on mobile (again). I haven’t changed templates since 2011 which could explain the problem, and I haven’t messed with custom settings in a long, long, long time, so if new weirdness is happening, it’s not planned weirdness, if that makes sense.

What this means for you, the readers:

  • I’m going to need to pick & customize a new design template, which might mean testing some of them out live to see how things like comments actually work. .
  • I haven’t changed my website design for NINE CONSECUTIVE YEARS and get the vapors when WordPress moves so much as a button on the backend, so I also know that I will loathe absolutely every change until I have to live with it for a minute.
  • I’m overdue for an accessibility check, new template time seems like a good time to double check that.
  • Ergo, is likely to look several versions of different before the exact right version of different settles, i.e. expect more weirdness in the next few weeks in service of resolving mobile display and accessibility issues.
  • You, an enthusiastic reader with design knowledge, may be tempted to send in suggestions for cool features and changes for redesigning the site. If so, kindly also send smelling salts for my inevitable “Change? OH NO IT’S THE VAPORS” reaction. One fix at a time, please, thank you.
  • tl;dr Weirdness is already upon us, I’m going to try to make the next wee bit somewhat planned. Thank you for your patience!

:determined grin: