April virtual Boston meetup

Hello Massachusetts friends of Captain Awkward! For obvious reasons, we can’t meet in person this month. Instead, we thought it would be fun to meet virtually on Zoom (edited!)

Date: Sunday, April 5

Time: 10AM-1PM (drop in any time.)

We will chat! We will color! Show us your fiber projects! Your art projects! Your cats! Your other pets! Your sourdough starter!

The link to the Zoom (edited!) meeting will be posted in the FoCA forums in the Meetups section (Boston area,) or please contact Alissa at yourcambridgeneighbor@gmail.com to have it emailed to you. (Also post in the thread if you need links to coloring pages or other activities.) 

We hope you are all keeping safe and well. ❤

6 thoughts on “April virtual Boston meetup

    1. Hey, you’re welcome to get a link if you’d like! The reason the meetup has a locality attached is so people who usually come every month to the meatspace gathering have an idea of who they’ll see on the call.

  1. Hello, Alissa here! Just wanted to note a change – we’ll actually be using Zoom for the meeting rather than Skype. Carry on! : )

  2. Hey friends! I”m not sure what’s up with the link. Worst case scenario, we may have to reschedule this meeting to a later date.

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