Story Club Social (tonight!) and other links.

In which I share only pleasing (to me, at least) things! With exclamation points!

Story Club: Live! Tonight! In the Internet! 

I read at the very first Story Club in Chicago (and many more since) and the glorious founder Dana is hosting an online version in Zoom tonight, 8pm EDT, 7pm Central.

I’ll link you to her event post which has the link for the Zoom event and the details,* and I hope I’ll see/hear/encounter some of you there later. One of my favorite tellers ever, Shannon Cason, is also reading something and I am both excited and trying to find the best spot for lighting and audio in my apartment.

*Note: I won’t be able to read comments here or tech support you around Zoom, sorry, since I’ll be fully engrossed already. If you can’t sign on or the Zoom Room is over capacity tonight, never fear I’ll publish the piece at Patreon later this week.

Cool Stuff My Friends Made! 

Dana has a new book about telling stories coming out called The Storytelling Code: 10 Simple Rules To Shape And Tell A Brilliant Story, written from her experience hosting a long-running show and teaching writing, you can pre-order it here. And if you can’t get enough of my Brilliant-Chicago-Live-Lit-Friends, Doña Lily Be has developed a storytelling game to help people develop their talents and share stories at home, you can order it via Kickstarter here.

While I’m <3-linking, Lenée aka @dopegirlfresh aka Missy Elliott’s Next Wife aka a true friend who I got to MEET and HUG in person in February (she looks, sounds, and smells as great as you imagine), wrote a post about getting through rough times.


If you’re one of the Love In The Time of Corona Crush Letter Writers from yesterday, here is a relevant poem. Or check out the what the great Dr. Sweet Machine describes as her  “least apocalyptic-apocalypse” poem.


I adored Portrait Of A Lady On Fire, and good news, it’s coming to Hulu way ahead of schedule. Queer ladies! Art! Music! Longing! Immersing yourself in the female gaze for two uninterrupted hours!