11 thoughts on “March London meetup cancelled

  1. What do you do/talk about in the Meetups? I’m just curious. There aren’t any near me anyway.

    1. Basically anything, but Brexit and Trump are both banned!

      Topics include people’s own lives and dilemmas, recent letters to the Captain, pop culture, etc. – it’s basically just enjoying having a common language

  2. If you do have an online meetup please please advertise it here! It has been impractical for me to attend RL Captain Awkward meetups but would love to come to a digital one 😀

  3. Zoom (https://zoom.us/) can host online video meetings of up to 100 people (though on its free, basic, plan, it limits the meeting time to 40mins… though I guess it’d be possible to schedule two meetings ten minutes apart, to give people time to go to the loo in between or something – though of course people can always go to the loo during the meeting, turn off video and audio or so, during the meeting too!).
    I’ve used Zoom for meetings with the political party I used to be involved with and it works great (after the 2017 election here in Aotearoa, the Green party had a nationwide meeting via Zoom of branch delegates to decide on whether or not to join the government in the confidence and supply agreement – though that was before I joined).

  4. Yesterday I had a regular group cancelled and held via Zoom. I found the quality better than Skype (my only other refernce). And shure it wasn’t the same as meeting in person and hugging each otherbut it worked well enough to feel connected.

  5. I am a soon to be (read: tomorrow) 80
    Year old woman. Although I’m in generally good health, I suffer from two auto immune conditions, for which I take a biologic medication. While I was taking precautions to wash hands, disinfect surfaces in my home, etc. , I really didn’t begin to isolate myself until I got a real “Dutch uncle” talk from my
    56 year old son. As a retired RN, I had read up
    On the virus itself, but hadn’t really paid specific attention to the actual impact it was having in countries outside China. I was a little put out with his stern tone-I am mentally intact, after all-
    but after I hung up the phone I realized he w VC as doing it out of love and concern. I made one more trip; to stock up my freezer and pick up some prescriptions, and have not been anywhere but my mailbox since !! Although I’m not thrilled about spending my milestone birthday alone ( cancel the fireworks and parade, ha ha) I plan on having one hell of a
    Whoop doodle NEXT year !!!

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