Brief September/October Housekeeping

Hello everyone! A few announcements:

  1. Questions are open once again.
  2. If you’ve written in the past few months and the issue has since resolved itself, sending a quick note to take your question out of circulation will help me & the Goat Lady tremendously, just “reply” to what you originally sent and we’ll work from there. We also welcome (though we never expect) updates from past Letter Writers.
  3. I’m noodling around with some template/formatting/platform things this month, so please don’t panic if the site doesn’t look like how you expect when you stop by. I’m taking a look at both accessibility and utility since the current WordPress template is at least 8 years old, and testing some things out means actually activating them to see how they work for me on the back end. I’ll try to be speedy, decisive, and most important, preserve/improve accessibility.

Happy October!