York, UK Meetup: June 27th

From your host, Agne:

York, UK Meetup
When: Thursday 27th June, 6pm
Where: Rowntree Park. See this map for the meetup point. The meetup point is the corner of the field by the Millennium Bridge. It can be accessed via Cameron Grove/Butcher Terrace (from Bishopthorpe Road, if you’re driving or taking public transport), Terry Avenue or Millennium Bridge. If it rains, we’ll meet at the park cafe (also marked on the map) instead.
Contact: Agne / agne at tutanota dot com. I’ll e-mail you my number and come to the rescue if you can’t find us.
How to recognise us: I’ll be wearing a very yellow jacket and blue-framed glasses.
Bring: something to do with your hands or something to sit on, if preferred. Snacks and drinks, if desired.
Accessibility: the park is accessible and there are accessible toilets as well (with RADAR key). There is a ramp leading up to the cafe and accessible toilets, but I’m unsure as to the entrance – we’ll investigate and go elsewhere if necessary.
Awkwards assemble!

5 thoughts on “York, UK Meetup: June 27th

  1. The ramp goes from the cycle parking in front of the building, steeply up and around onto the patio, where you enter in at the same door as if you’d walked up the steps. I didn’t realise it was open in the evenings, though, I thought it closed at 4pm!

    This sounds great, and I was just thinking that I wanted one of these in York soon. I will be late if I make it, though, due to baby-putting-to-bed.

    1. Tamar, you’re absolutely right and it’s a total fail on my part. I just assumed the cafe would be open at six. Luckily, the weather forecast is fine for 27th. At any rate, people, drop me an e-mail and get my number beforehand, just in case! Don’t rely on e-mail last minute, I’m not a smartphone user (again, something I probably should have pointed out, I’m a bit scatterbrained).

  2. I’d be so tempted if I could because I’m in Leeds – only a hop, skip and a jump over to York. Alas, Thursdays are not available for me. Is there any other way to be in touch with fellow Northern/Yorkshire Captain Awkward-eers?

    1. Hey there, I’m also in Leeds! Honestly I think the best way to keep in touch would be to sign up to the FOCA forums — many meetups are organized there, so you could have your say on the timing or set one up yourself, if you feel like it.

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