York, United Kingdom Meetup on April 3

Details from your organizer, Agne:

Meetup in York, United Kingdom

When: Wednesday, 3rd April, 6pm

Where: Cafe at City Screen Picturehouse, 13–17 Coney Street, York YO1 9QL. Directions here.

Venue: The cafe is on the ground floor of the picture house. They serve cake, beer, tea and hot food. Both the venue and the toilets are fully accessible by wheelchair.

How to find us: They do not reserve tables, so I will turn up early and take up the biggest table I can get (I’ll try for sofas). I wear glasses with bright blue frames and I will have animal figurines on the table.

What to bring: Anything you want! Knitting, colouring, games, cards. Bring it all. Or nothing. Let’s talk!

Contact me on: dalelocalATtutanotaDOTcom and I will send you my phone number just in case.

Have a great time!


2 thoughts on “York, United Kingdom Meetup on April 3

    1. Cheers! Looks like it might just be me but I intend to have lots of fun with my pint of beer and those animal figurines. They are going to go swimming.

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