Happy New Year!

For podcast-listening people: Check out Han & Matt Know It All’s 100th episode, featuring me and Alison from Ask A Manager, as we discuss the very worst people we met in advice columns last year.

I was going to write some kind of year-end wrap up but then I found an image that expresses how I feel about 2018 perfectly: GOODBYE, JERKYEAR!

Image: An old timey greeting card wishing “a very happy NEW YEAR” while a little girl in a red dress and pinafore slams the door on a little boy blue short pants. Source.

I’m excited to resume regular question-and-answer posting this week and I hope you’re all well.



19 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Here’s to 2019! And I agree 100% about 2018–hope 2019 is LOTS better for all of us!

  2. Thank you for being here. For me, what you do is incredibly valuable and I’m glad I’m on the planet now and get to read you.

  3. Happy New Year.
    Thank you for modelling effective boundary setting. As much as I love interacting with the community found here I have appreciated that it’s healthy for you to turn off comments and sometimes limit your subject matter to stuff that doesn’t horribly upset you. I struggle with setting boundaries so setting myself so seeing it in action has been really effective. I respect your need for them is far greater than my need to comment.

  4. Happy New Year!

    I’m fairly sure that little boy is trying to get the girl under some mistletoe and she is Not Having It, which just makes it a perfect image for your column, Captain. 👍

  5. Happy New Year! 2018 can go fuck itself with a flaming stick, BUT WE SURVIVED. We made it. This calls for celebration!

  6. Happy New year to all!

    2018 sucked. I’m so glad its over.

    In my town, we had a flood in August, then a tornado two days later (no one died, thank goodness), I’ve been chainsawing the 30 half fallen over trees on my land for weeks, then travelled back east to handle my elderly parents will, living trust, etc. Then I tore my ACL, and tomorrow I go in for surgery. The next two weeks I’ll be flat on my back with my leg in a passive exercise machine for four hours a day. Blech.

    2019 is not starting great, but at least I have health insurance to cover the medical stuff and a lovely DH who will help me through everything. And a fully loaded kindle.

    Sorry for the maudlin comment…. but I am trying to look on the better side of things. I think I will buy a lottery ticket on the way to the hospital.

    I am also humming the Monty Python “Always look at the bright side of life”.

    1. I’m just over 2 weeks out from my own ACL surgery! Hoping your surgery and recovery go swimmingly. I hear from other people that the reconstruction is worth it; we’ll be stronger on the other side!

  7. Happy New Year Captain and everyone!

    Thank you Captain for all that you do here; it has made a tremendous difference in my life and I appreciate what you do so much.

  8. The fact that you and Alison have a bit of an advice giver relationship is one of my FAVORITE THINGS!!

  9. Hi, I’ve been reading a long time and never commented, but would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much you and this site have meant to me and helped me and been there for me and changed my life. It’s been as good as to much, much better than most of the expensive paid therapy I’ve had in my life (there’s been a lot). I love you! I appreciate you! Thank you! I hope to be able to get involved in the community/commentary/awkward army a bit this year and this is a good place to post a first awkward comment, and the most important thing I can say is, thank you. You matter, tremendously. I see you and acknowledge everything you do here and I’m not exaggerating when I say you are a force and a beacon helping me hold my life together and also, I think, the world at large. I’ve been here silently cheering you on and have donated (which will continue) and have nothing but thanks and support for your existence in this world. Thank you! Happy 2019 ❤

  10. It looks like the boy in the picture might be holding mistletoe so that adds another later to the metaphor of “fuck 2018”.

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