Personal Update

Please forgive the hiatus in posting and moderation.

Mr. Awkward’s bipolar disorder has gone into full “I AM UR JERKBRAIN TRYING TO ANNIHILATE U” mode and this week he checked himself into the hospital. He’s safe, and getting treatment that he needs, but I’m not gonna lie – the whole process of getting him in was GODAWFUL and dehumanizing and maximally anxiety-making and I need some down-time. I’ve closed all currently-running discussions and I’m taking the question mailbox offline temporarily.

People have been asking me what they can do, so, here’s some stuff you can do:

  1. If you’re in the United States, and you can vote, VOTE LIKE HIS LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. I elaborated here. And here. Without the Affordable Care Act, especially the protections for pre-existing conditions and for treating mental health care the same as physical health care, he (and I) lose access to meaningful treatment. He needs access to a psychiatrist and medications to be a no-brainer, easy to access, without stress or negotiation or having to ration medications, literally to stay alive.
  2. *I promised him a dinner at his favorite Tex-Mex restaurant, Uncle Julio’s, in exchange for every hour we had to wait in the ER before actually getting him admitted. I owe him TWENTY TWO dinners. Does anyone have a connect at Uncle Julio’s who can get us a discount or a million gift-cards?
  3. I can’t really read emails or concerned tweets right now, even nice ones. Thanks for understanding.

If you’ve ever had to go to the hospital for a mental health crisis, or take someone there, my thoughts are with you. It’s the hardest thing.