2 Chicago Storytelling Shows: 8/1 and 8/9

Hello Chicago Awkward People,

Tomorrow, August 1, I am telling a story about what it’s like to be an advice writer and answer questions like “How are you keeping your shit together when the world is :frantic hand gestures: like this?” when you are not necessarily keeping your shit together at a mental health-themed storytelling and comedy show. Show is at Schuba’s, 3159 N Southport Ave, it starts at 8pm, admission is free, the place serves food & drinks, the show space is up a flight of stairs with no elevator.

Thursday, August 9, 7pm, Uptown Underground Lounge, 4707 N Broadway. I am telling a different story (still working on which one) at my brilliant friend’s web series fundraiser & cabaret show. Look at his adorable cast on this poster! You can buy tickets here or at the door. FYI, getting into this venue also involves stairs.

Banner for Fear Of Missing Out Web-Series and Show, with show information (also posted as text above the image) on a background with a blue sky. Across the bottom of the image are 8 adorable people variously on their cell phones or making eyes at each other. 

Maybe I will see some of your faces there?

8 thoughts on “2 Chicago Storytelling Shows: 8/1 and 8/9

  1. FYI – the Uptown Underground has informed me via email that they do have wheelchair-accessible seating. You need to let the doorman know, and he can help you to the elevator entrance. So, any of the Awkward Army wanting to see the captain there, you have options!

    1. Thanks for going above and beyond with the due diligence, this is great to know.

  2. Wow, both of those sound seriously great! Break all the legs, Captain (though hopefully not on the stairs) and have an awesome time all of you who are able to go!

  3. Hi! I think the southport show would be great! But I’d have to leave around 8:30. Would that be rude/a problem? I don’t want to be disrespectful or interrupt too much.

    1. There are 5-6 tellers and I have no idea where I’d be in the order. People can come and go during the show, so that’s not a big deal, but no guarantee you’d catch mine.

  4. These sound amazing. Can’t come but if any content gets recorded and makes it’s way onto the world wide interwebs please send us links! Have a great time Captain 😊

  5. Thanks to the readers who came out last night, so neat to meet you!

    I had not done this show before and did not know exactly what brand of comedy would be featured. There were some rocky moments there, right? But then an exquisite punchline about Jewish summer camp.

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