April Boston meetup!

Boston Meetup, Saturday, April 28, at the Newsfeed Cafe in the main Boston Public Library at Copley Square. The closet T station is Copley on the Green Line. The Johnson Building, closest to the Newsfeed Cafe, has an accessible entrance. The cafe has a variety of sandwiches and pastries, including vegetarian options, though vegan and gluten-free are less sure.

Your substitute organizer this month is Vicki. I will try to get there by 1 p.m. and claim a table, likely near the large outside windows.

I have shoulder-length mostly white hair, and will probably be wearing a purple shirt. I’ll make some kind of identifying sign for the table (maybe just “FOCA” in large friendly letters).

Feel free to bring coloring things (pencils, crayons, etc. as well as pages to color on), pictures of other people’s pets, and ideas about the evolution and distribution of the sweet potato.

4 thoughts on “April Boston meetup!

  1. OMG, that paper on the evolution and distribution of the sweet potato is AWESOME, as is the backlash it’s getting on anthropology/biology Twitter. I really hope you do discuss it! Yay sweet potatoes!

  2. If anyone eats a piece of carrot cake or a homemade yodel I AM THE AWKWARD BAKER WHO MADE THOSE! Please enjoy internet comrades 💕

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