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  1. This was great! I really enjoyed the team work of two of the best advice bloggers 🙂

  2. It was a great podcast! I’d love to hear one just about you two talking shop on writing advice columns.
    Strangely, in my head, Captain’s voice sounds like Manager’s, and Manager’s sounds like Captain’s. So I kept mistaking who was speaking! Though in retrospect, it makes sense that with the Captain’s background in performing arts she would have a lot of control over her vocal projection. Isn’t that odd how your brain automatically fills in your blind spots that way when you read?

    Anyway, I hope it becomes a regular thing. Or it’s own podcast: title – Managing the Ship. Motto – more words, less drama, better boundaries, fewer meetings

      1. Aaah! So glad we got an update – I’m still dying to know what the boyfriend’s bathroom deal was, and if he’s still out there, preventing innocent women from peeing.

  3. Great podcast! And, I love it when worlds collide in crossover episodes. I think I couldn’t be more happy if Spock had walked onto the Millennium Falcon and said, “It’s bigger on the inside.”

  4. What a great podcast! You two spoke very naturally together. I would be a regular listener if you decided to keep it going! You could tackle one letter from each readership per week maybe. Would be awesome!

      1. I would read the shit out of something called Awkward Manager.

        I work in tech. We need it.

  5. Aaaaah this was so much fun! I totally guessed which episodes each of you would ask about too, so I felt very smug and knowing.

    I’ve never been in quite the LW’s position, but I have been glommed on when I’m new to the group and felt like I was shoved into the middle of personality struggles. It’s so tricky! There are people who just are genuinely nice and reach out to new people! It can be so hard because I’m slow to make friends in a new setting, so that person reaching out can feel like such a godsend. But as Jennifer and Alison point out, sometimes someone who’s alienated everyone else who tries to latch on to a new person and get them on their side–before the new person even knows there are sides! Oof. There can definitely be almost a first-date vibe to that feeling, with the rush of friendship feels, but when things get negative really fast, that’s a sign to disengage.

    Unsurprisingly, I think Jennifer and Alison gave great advice! (They are my two favorite advice columnists for a reason!) Pulling back from Sofia, being cheerfully positive toward everybody, quickly letting the boss know that the original plan isn’t moving forward. As they said, sadly the LW is probably going on Sofia’s Arya list–but it sounds like she’ll be among good company. Sofia’s probably just not going to be happy in this workplace, and hopefully she finds an environment that is better suited to her (whatever that looks like).

  6. I just listened to the bonus content, and I was so excited to hear that there was an update from the LW whose boyfriend was hogging the bathroom!

  7. Just add Dr. Nerdlove in there and we will have the Trilogy: AskAManager is Superman, CPtain Awkward is Wonder Woman, and De Needlove is Batman.

    1. Dr. Nerdlove is producing some amazing content on toxic masculinity. He is totally the hero we need right now.

  8. Great voice, Cap! When you’re done with your book, you consider narrating it on audio too.

  9. I’m glad to hear the LW update in the bonus content! That was the first letter I read here on CA.

    1. I didn’t realize until I listened that I had been low-key worried about that LW this whole time. I’m so relieved (pun not intended but I’m leaving it) that they can pee when they want to now.

      1. So many people have worried about that particular LW, and will continue to when they find that letter in the archives – I bet a link from that particular letter page to the AMA Bonus Podcast with the update would set a lot of people’s minds at rest!

  10. All I need is a Dear Prudence / Lindy West / Ask A Manager / Captain Awkward crossover and my life will be complete. Dear Prudence/Lindy West and Ask A Manager/Captain Awkward have already happened but I need them all to team up like the Avengers of Advice and Not Being Freakin’ Sexist.

    1. The Advice Avengers:

      Daniel Mallory Ortberg (Dear Prudence): Thor
      Lindy West : The Incredible Hulk
      Nicole Cliffe (Care and Feeding): Captain America
      Captain Awkward: Black Widow
      Ask a Manager: Iron Man
      Carvall Wallace (Care and Feeding): Hawkeye

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