Boston Awkward Meetup

From your organizer, Jane_the_chicken:

Hello Awkwardeers! The meetup in November went really well, so let’s see about having another go!

When: Saturday, December 16th, 2017, 1 pm
Where: Boston Public Library Map Room Cafe, 700 Boylston Street, Boston, MA

The closest T stop is Copley, on the green line. The library is directly outside the exit. The entrance is through the Johnson building.

Venue: The cafe is to your right on the first floor if you enter through the McKim building (up the big stairs with the statues.) There is again a small selection of pastries and sandwiches. I don’t see anything on the website about vegan or allergen-safe options, so if these are concerns I would consider bringing your own snack.

Note: This cafe is in the older McKim building. If the meetup gets to be bigger than the space can handle, we may need to move to the courtyard or the Newsfeed Cafe (in the newly- renovated Johnson building.) If that’s the case, I’ll post on the Boston meetup page on FOCA, so if you don’t find us in the Map Room Cafe please check FOCA for updates.

How to find us: I will claim a table in the cafe area and set up a paper sign. I will have my knitting, some coloring sheets, and some art supplies.

What to bring: Crayons, more fun coloring sheets, a puzzle, thoughts on the impact lactose tolerance has had on world history.

If you need more information, you can inquire on the “Boston” thread at FOCA or PM me (Jane_the_chicken.)

Enjoy yourselves!

4 thoughts on “Boston Awkward Meetup

  1. Oh poop — I meant to write, “the ACCESSIBLE entrance is through the Johnson building.” Sorry peeps!

    Thanks for posting this!

    1. I’m a bit early, but, looking forward to seeing you! The tables in the cafe (assuming I have the right one) are already full, but, I’ve got a table. I’m wearing black with a red scarf.

      1. Crap! Didn’t see this! Are you up for moving to the Newsfeed Cafe? There’s a lot more seating over here.

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