Boston Meetup: November 18

From your host, Jane:

When: Saturday, November 18th, 2017, 1 pm
Where: Harvard Art Museum Cafe
32 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
The closest T stop is Harvard, on the red line. The museum is about a ten-minute walk across the Harvard yard from the station.
Venue: The cafe is located in the atrium of the art museum. You do not have to pay the entrance fee to sit in the cafe area. The cafe has a small selection of pastries and other snacks, but if you have specific dietary requirements you may need to bring your own food. The building is accessible via a ramp on Prescott Street.
How to find us: I will claim a table in the cafe area and set up a paper sign. I plan to bring my knitting, some coloring books, some art supplies, and possibly a puzzle.
What to bring: Crayons, more fun coloring sheets, other puzzles, opinions about the Peloponnesian War.
If you need more information, you can inquire on the “Boston” thread at FOCA or PM me (Jane_the_chicken.)
Have a nice time, Boston!

17 thoughts on “Boston Meetup: November 18

    1. Hey Meg! The hope is to make this meetup a monthly thing. I can definitely organize until March, and then we’ll see. 😀

  1. Likewise, I already have something scheduled for this time but would love to come next month. If you need help with planning/logistics I would be potentially game – I’ll make that offer in person when I meet you.

    Thanks for doing this! I’ve thought for a long time that Boston should have an awkward meetup.

    1. I’m thinking probably the second or third Saturday in December, place to be decided. Hopefully that doesn’t run into too ugh holiday stuff.

  2. Yay Boston! I’ve been wanting to make friends in the area too! Don’t suppose there’s parking nearby? I’m in central Mass so it’s easier for me to drive.

    1. There are street parking spaces and a few garages near the museum, but it’s often really hard to find an open spot. Depending on where in central Mass you are, it might be easiest to drive to the nearest Commuter Rail stop and then take that in. If the train brings you to North Station, the 69 bus from Lechmere (a few stops along the Green Line) stops right in front of the museum; if you get to South Station, Harvard Square is six stops away on the Red Line. Fair warning that they’re doing construction on the bridge over the Charles River every weekend, so there are shuttle buses between Park Street and Kendall Square.

      1. I found myself on the red line weekend replacement bus this afternoon. It took 20 minutes to get from Park St. to Kendall. It was not fun. For people driving in, it might make more sense to try to find parking around Alewife and then take the red line south-bound from there to Harvard. This also depends on where in Mass you’re coming from, but I agree that trying to navigate Harvard Square traffic and find parking there can sometimes be a dicey experience.

        I’m looking forward to the meeting everyone who can make it.

      2. you could also (again, depending on location) drive all the way in to Alewife. It’s $7 to park and doesn’t usually fill up on the weekend. From there it’s three stops to Harvard.

      3. My girlfriend says that the shuttle bus can be a serious problem if you have a problem with stairs or with standing for long. The weekend before last the MBTA staff at Park Street were being aggressively unhelpful to (for example) a man who was walking with crutches, and then last weekend the staff were being helpful with luggage and letting disabled people skip the line. (It also sounded as though they didn’t have enough shuttles, given the 20-minute wait to get on the shuttle bus.)

  3. I’ve got a small Edward Gorey puzzle that’s only 8×10, so it will probably fit on a cafe table and not get in the way of people’s color books, etc. I’m still working on opinions re: the Peloponnesian War.

  4. Sadly, that is the same weekend as Splash, so I shall be busy at MIT teaching strange and fun things to high school students. But the fact that there is one offers hope that maybe there will be more, and maybe eventually there will be one that’s at a time when I can attend.

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