14 thoughts on “BTW, we’re in the LA Times

  1. Been there, got the estrangement t-shirt. My problem was when a relative insisted on imposing their views even when you say you don’t want to discuss it and let’s agree to disagree, and they just steamrollered on. I would recommend just avoiding the gathering altogether if you know it’s going to be that bad, until the risk of political disagreement explosions subsides. It’s not worth risking the escalation and possibly permanent relationship damage.

  2. This was really great!

    My relative who’s hosting said “no politics in my house, we don’t need that extra stress,” so I’ve decided that for the next seven days while I’m here, every time someone asks why I look depressed, scared, or angry, I will tell the half-truth that I’m concerned about my job hunt or that I need my introvert alone time.

  3. I’m really upset with this article. I think you did a very nice job in your previous article talking about how to act as an ally. I think it’s a little bit of a copout to participate in an article that says “no talking politics on the holidays” and basically advises smiling and nodding in response to statement that “feminists have ruined the world.” I expected you to take a stronger stand about standing up for one’s core values.

    1. Hi Jennet, I can see why you think that. I talked to the reporter frankly about a lot of things about two days after the election (like, “maybe this year you can leave your relatives to eat their dry-ass racist turkey by themselves”) and she chose the stuff that was useful to her. The content I created and that our guest poster created is still here to be found, including by people who read that article.

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