NYC Meetup October 8

From your host, E.:

Hi all,
What: Captain Awkward NYC meetup
When: Saturday Oct. 8th, 5pm onward
  • Part 1) Think Coffee, 123 4th Avenue, Manhattan
  • Part 2) Regal Union Square Statium 14 movie theater, 850 Broadway, Manhattan
After last month’s successful meetup, I’m going to try to make this a regular monthly-ish gathering.
This time around we will be at the Think Coffee at 123 4th Avenue, in the Union Square neighborhood of Manhattan on Saturday October 8th.  My idea was we’ll be at the coffeeshop from 5-7:30ish, and then I’ll be going to a 7:50 showing of “The Birth of a Nation” at the Regal Union Square Stadium 14 theater on Broadway a couple blocks away.  Anyone that wants is welcome to come with me to the movie as well.
Think Coffee is on street level with an accessible bathroom.  They serve coffee, tea, soups, sandwiches and baked goods.  They have vegan options.
I will bring the makings for telephone pictionary which works really well for groups:
I have chin length brown hair and will have a stuffed toy robot on the table with me.
My email address is Hope to see you there!
Have a great time. I’m very interested to see what people think of the movie.

4 thoughts on “NYC Meetup October 8

  1. Oh dang! I’m actually gonna be in New York then! Won’t be able to make the movie, but I’ll try to swing by for coffee and meeting people!

  2. I saw a preview of the movie last spring. Be warned there is some very graphic violence and a series of intense scenes that are very difficult to watch (one woman walked out of the theater). My husband and I were still processing it days later. It is powerful and moving, but not easy.

    1. Thanks for mentioning this, did not know that! I’ve seen the trailer and heard good word of mouth, which is what made me want to see it.

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