Manchester UK Meetup on June 25

Your host LucySnowe24 has the details:

Hello everyone!

I’ve just moved to Manchester and I’m keen to meet new people, and who better than Captain Awkward readers? So I’m having a go at hosting a meetup.

The date and time is going to be 3pm on Saturday 25 June, and I picked Ziferblat on Edge Street, off the High Street in the Northern Quarter for the location. It’s located on the first floor, but there’s a sign that’s easy to spot. You have to press an intercom to be allowed in, but they let you in straight away and there’s a lift.

Ziferblat is unusual in that the food is free but they check you in on a computer when you enter and charge you for the time you spend there at 6p a minute (so £3:60 an hour). In exchange, you get to help yourself to the food and drink as long as you wash your dishes or put them in the dishwasher. There’s a really good selection of cakes, biscuits, cereal, toast, fruit, tea, coffee and squash, including gluten-free options. It’s a really cosy, friendly space, and there are board games if anyone wants to play them. The toilets are accessible and gender-neutral and dogs and children are welcome.

How to spot me: I’m a white woman in my twenties with short dark brown hair. I’ll have my teddy bear, Chester, who’s kindly sent a selfie, on the table. If you want to bring a teddy/ other toy as well as an identifier, feel free. I’ll also try to make a sign. Just a heads up, I am autistic, so while I’m very happy to chat to anyone who comes along, if I don’t make eye contact or struggle to think of something to say, please be patient – it doesn’t mean I don’t like you!

I’ve created a thread on the Captain Awkward forums for the meetup, and I’ll be reachable on the blog as well – my comment name is LucySnowe24. Here’s the Facebook page for the event:

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Here’s Chester:


21 thoughts on “Manchester UK Meetup on June 25

  1. this sounds like an awesome meetup at a really cool venue! i wish i lived in manc!

    1. Agreed! Also sounds rather comfy for the socially awkward (like myself), kind of like a laid back tea party/coffee klatsch. Too bad I live on the wrong side of the world, LOL!

  2. First Nine Worlds and now Ziferblat? Clearly I am living on the wrong side of the pond!

  3. I’m from Coventry, but that seems definitely worth the 2 hour train ride! Also, Chester is adorable!

  4. Thank you! He (Chester) has been with me my whole life. And hope to see you there, @ranunculus!

  5. I can’t get to your meet up but I wish you every happiness in your new home and that you find new friends. I know moving to a new city is so stressful.

  6. Well the date’s in my phone now. Autocorrect REALLY didn’t like Ziferblat and it took me some time to wrestle it into NOT turning it into ‘Zine related’. Hhhh. Also I just looked up the place, and blimey, it looks awfully hip and, and, young. I hope they let me in. If I make it past the Old Git detectors on the door, you should recognise me quite easily – I’ll be the middle-aged fat bird with an expression like a startled meerkat.

  7. I can’t make that day, but if there’s another one I’d love to come along. I hope it goes well! 🙂

  8. This is really cool to see a Manchester meet up! Thanks for organising it, Lucy.

    I will deffo come along and say hi – I am also autistic as well as a classic awkward type so should all be good.

  9. I’m down the wrong end of the country, I just wanted to say props for the name!

    (er, unless that really is your actual name, in which case….I dunno….props to your parents for the literary reference…?!)

  10. I’m so happy you’ve organised a Manchester meet up! I’ll be there, along with a small purple dragon called Doris.

  11. I was a bit nervous no one would want to come, so I’m so glad people are interested, I can’t wait to meet you all!
    @ranunculus – I go to another Meetup there and there’s quite a wide range of ages, so hopefully you won’t stand out!
    @Buni – thank you! No, not my real name, I just love the Bronte sisters.

  12. I may well bring my mascot with me; squidgy red dragon who goes by Burnie Cinders 🙂

  13. Oh it’s mascot proliferation is it? In that case I’ll bring my knitted Ziggy Stardust.

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