Portland, OR Meetup Jan 31

From your host, Julia GL:

Hear ye, hear ye! A meetup will occur:
Sunday Jan 31
12pm til about 4pm
East Portland Coffee Roasters at SE 79th and Division.

They have a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, pastries, panini, soups, and ice cream.

There will probably be lots of crafting going on. Coloring books and low-key games may also happen.

Hope to see you there, Awkwardeers!

Have a great time!

  1. DropTable~DropsMic said:

    Thanks for setting this up! I’ll bring my coloring books.

  2. caryatid said:

    whee!! i’m in!

  3. Erinwithans said:

    Yay! I can make this one! See you all there!

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