Portland, Oregon on Dec. 6

A meetup is brewing:

Hi Awkward Army!
I’m startledoctopus, hosting a meetup in Portland, OR on Sunday December 6th. I’ll be at East Portland Coffee Roasters on SE Division and 79th at 2pm. The shop is mobility-device accessible, with a parking lot that has reserved accessible parking. Drinks are fairly inexpensive, about $2-5. Look for me in the florescent orange and green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hat. There will be playing cards, coloring books, and possibly other boardgames. If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to email me at whisperedoracle at yahoo dot com. See you there!
Date – Sunday December 6th
Time – 2 o’clock in the afternoon
Place – East Portland Coffee Roasters 2404 SE 79th Ave, Portland OR
Look for – Michaelangelo the Ninja Turtle
Contact – startledoctopus (whisperedoracle at yahoo dot com)
  1. caryatid said:

    ooh how awkward! i will try to make it!! thanks for getting this together.

  2. ism said:

    Why are comments on the post previous to this one closed? It’s brand new! Will the comments remain closed?

    • Mel Reams said:

      The captain does that sometimes if the comments are likely to turn into a huge mean-spirited argument that would be horrible to moderate. There’s a thread on the forums about that letter if you want to comment there.

    • JenniferP said:

      Sometimes I can write OR wade through 300 of other people’s thoughts on a topic, but not both. And yes, they are closed on purpose and will remain so.

      • RB said:

        No worries!

      • ism said:

        OK, thanks. I’m an infrequent reader and wasn’t able to tell if it’s a glitch or intentional. Thanks for clarifying. (I was happy to see that post even if comments are closed, and even happier to see your response, as I identify with that letter writer’s daughter very much!)

        • strophoria said:

          There’s a pretty good thread going in the forums, if you’re interested.

          • Clarry said:

            Could you provide a link to the thread? I just tried to find it and got lost.

          • RB said:

            Yeah, I can never find the thread I’m looking for. It’s a little tricky.

  3. RB said:

    Great, I will try to make it. Weird that I couldn’t comment on the page with the post.

  4. Brianna said:

    Awesome! I’ll be there!

  5. chocolatetort said:

    So excited! Need to select a board game to bring, hmmm!

    • DropTable~DropsMic said:

      *happy flails*

  6. I wish I could come! Sadly, I’m situated in Texas so I am too far away but I really wish I was there so I could meet you IRL but I hope the meetup is absolutely awesome!

    • Bah! Organize one sometime and I will come to yours! My brother lives in Texas, so I have a standing excuse to visit the state. ^_^

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