Portland, Oregon on Dec. 6

A meetup is brewing:

Hi Awkward Army!
I’m startledoctopus, hosting a meetup in Portland, OR on Sunday December 6th. I’ll be at East Portland Coffee Roasters on SE Division and 79th at 2pm. The shop is mobility-device accessible, with a parking lot that has reserved accessible parking. Drinks are fairly inexpensive, about $2-5. Look for me in the florescent orange and green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hat. There will be playing cards, coloring books, and possibly other boardgames. If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to email me at whisperedoracle at yahoo dot com. See you there!
Date – Sunday December 6th
Time – 2 o’clock in the afternoon
Place – East Portland Coffee Roasters 2404 SE 79th Ave, Portland OR
Look for – Michaelangelo the Ninja Turtle
Contact – startledoctopus (whisperedoracle at yahoo dot com)

17 thoughts on “Portland, Oregon on Dec. 6

  1. Why are comments on the post previous to this one closed? It’s brand new! Will the comments remain closed?

    1. The captain does that sometimes if the comments are likely to turn into a huge mean-spirited argument that would be horrible to moderate. There’s a thread on the forums about that letter if you want to comment there.

    2. Sometimes I can write OR wade through 300 of other people’s thoughts on a topic, but not both. And yes, they are closed on purpose and will remain so.

      1. OK, thanks. I’m an infrequent reader and wasn’t able to tell if it’s a glitch or intentional. Thanks for clarifying. (I was happy to see that post even if comments are closed, and even happier to see your response, as I identify with that letter writer’s daughter very much!)

  2. I wish I could come! Sadly, I’m situated in Texas so I am too far away but I really wish I was there so I could meet you IRL but I hope the meetup is absolutely awesome!

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