Seattle Meetup March 14

From Vicki:

Hi, Captain,

We’re having a meetup next Saturday afternoon in Seattle; can you please announce it on the main blog?

This is what I just posted on the FOCA forums:

We will have a meetup next Saturday, March 14, from 2:30 until 4:30 or so, later if people want. Bauhaus Cafe, 414 E Pine St, Seattle (that’s on Capitol Hill). This is a two-level location, without an elevator; I will try to find a table on the ground floor.

I will aim to be there by 2:30, and plan to hang out until at least 3:30 even if I’m alone with my cup of tea and my kindle. (If you see me sitting alone reading and I don’t look up, please do say “Vicki?” or “Awkwardeers?” or similar to get my attention.)

I have flowing white-and-gray hair (which tends to get loose even when I braid it back), and plan to bring my stuffed tarantula to put on the table as a signal unless someone comments in the next few days that they are arachnophobic, in which case I will look around for something else that is both distinctive and portable.



Have a great time, Seattle! Thanks for organizing this, Vicki.

14 thoughts on “Seattle Meetup March 14

  1. I hope you have fun! I live in LA and therefore will not be attending. Alas, no Awkward LA Meetups…. yet. Have a great time, Awkwardeers, in Seattle!

  2. I am a ridiculously persistent lurker, but I live in Seattle and work right by there, so this sounds like lots of fun! I will bring plenty of awkwardness to share.

  3. Drat! I, too, have plans. I will have to look out for the next one. Have fun, fellow Awkwardeers!

  4. Sounds scintillating! I very well may pop by. I am, however, *EXTREMELY* arachnophobic, so much so that if I do see you with your stuffed… thingie, I will turn around without a word and zoom away.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I will think of something else to use as a signifier, and will post an update.

    1. I can’t offhand think of a reason they wouldn’t be, assuming that the parent/caregiver would take the baby outside if they were being noisily disruptive. I mean, a baby shouldn’t be reaching over to grab at my glasses or pull my hair, but neither should anyone else. It would probably be worth checking with the venue, though, in case they’d object on the grounds of possible disruption to people who are trying to study or work.

  5. Recognition note:

    Since I’ve had a request not to bring the stuffed spider, I’m going to use a hand-sized multicolor beanbag frog as an identifier to lay on the table. I might also bring a small metal llama toy, with wheels.

  6. Following up to note that things went well; Married to my boat’s hat was indieed distinctive; and I am going to look for a more accessible venue for next time. (I had forgotten how small the downstairs is, and all the seats there were taken when I arrived.)

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