Spam filter is hungry like Pac-Man

A mailbox and a church are covered with snow on a Chicago street.
Blizzard holy shit

The spam trap is eating almost every single comment, yaaaaaay! I’ve got a support ticket in with WordPress, and Goat Lady and I have been freeing them as quickly as we can. There’s no need to notify us of an eaten comment.

In other news, questions are open for submissions again.

In other other news, snow.

One thought on “Spam filter is hungry like Pac-Man

  1. I’ll take your blizzard! I want snow!! (I’m not being sarcastic. I’m a four-weather person who used to live in Wisconsin. Who nevertheless is living in San Diego. Where the weather never ever changes. I’ll move once I’m done with grad school, but in the mean time I am being seriously deprived of snow and sub-zero temperatures. I WILL TRADE YOU 40*!!)

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