Awkward Meet & Geek, Chicago, December 11

Hello, we’re doing another board games event for single people at Geek Bar Beta, and will most likely get into some kind of monthly groove with these.


  • Thursday, December 11
  • 6-11pm
  • Geek Bar Beta @Storefront Company
  • 1941 W. North Avenue
  • Many many board games & console games are available at the bar, but you can bring your own – lots of people did last time.

You can RSVP at the Meetup event page, in the comments here, or you can just show up on the day as the mood strikes you. We had quite a turnout last time.

I could use suggestions for more geeky coloring pages.

In other news, I’m slogging through grading & finals right now, so posting will be light and the box is temporarily closed to new questions. The forums are open for business, though, so go check them out!

9 thoughts on “Awkward Meet & Geek, Chicago, December 11

  1. I’m glad to see the first event was successful enough to do another and make it a regular thing! I have a two-fold question about these:

    1. I’m not single but i am looking for friends and would very much like to meet more awkward-army type people in Chicago, especially at a board game/geek bar event type thing. Will there be any future friend-meeting events like this?
    2. I’m in an open relationship and, once things in my life calm down a little, will be up for meeting new people for dating as well as for friends. Is that a welcome flavor at these events?

    Regarding the last question, I’m sure there are many options for poly dating and meet-ups in Chicago but I’m relatively new to the poly thing, and pretty inexperienced with the casual dating thing, and the description of this event makes it sound so safe and welcoming and not as meat-markety as some events can be. However, if poly is not part of the flavor profile, so to speak, I totally understand. TBH, I’m much more interested in meeting new people for friend-dating than dating-dating right now. I was wondering these things before the first event and figured I might as well ask this time. 🙂

    1. Hi!

      We’re not auditing people’s relationship status when they come through the door (so poly people, come on in. If you meet someone you want to hang out with, just make sure they know what your deal is and that they’re cool with it as you would normally), and the atmosphere is not particularly “find people to date” at the thing, however, these particular monthly events arranged by me are going to remain singles-oriented.

      In other news, you can set up a meetup of your own at any time that’s exactly what you want, though! You can even do it at that very bar. Just send me the details and I’ll post them. Also, the Chicago Game Lovers Group has a million meetups every month that are open to all members if you want to jump into similar things that are already ongoing.

      1. Oooo. That seems nice and non-confrontational. I may leave my introvert cave and try it out. Meeting people! Is a thing that happens in the world!

  2. I’m so sad I won’t be able to go to this one — stupid forced work fun — but so happy to see it might be a more regular thing!

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