1. Rachel B said:

    Is there any way of getting the story that you had promised to the people who donated during the last pledge drive?

    • JenniferP said:

      That is this. Very sorry to keep you waiting! The promise of a story is an artifact of a *specific* pledge drive that I have apparently not been able to edit out of Paypal donate button.

  2. becky f. said:

    Thanks for sharing this, Captain. I don’t remember seeing it before, being workshopped, and it was so perfect to read today. So lovely and thoughtful and sharp, and the cab driver’s words so kind.

  3. Mercutia said:

    Just read the Story Club piece and holy SHIT is it awesome. *forty-five thumbs up*

  4. I love the new piece so much! Thank you for posting the link here.

  5. That’s a wonderful story. And I like the cabbie. And yes! Gertrude totally lied about Ophelia. What a much better end for them both. Living their own lives. Not mere reflections of some one else’s main event

  6. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

  7. Panda flannel said:

    Captain, I read this on my break at work and would have let myself cry the tears I was feeling if I hadn’t had to go back in. Thank you for this, it’s beautiful.

  8. damadafaka said:

    I have to admit I just wanted to hear your voice! 😛 From now on I will read(hear) everything differently.

    • JenniferP said:

      Ha! One of my students was trying to figure out how she knew my voice at the beginning of the semester, like, did I do radio or a podcast or something? And then we narrowed it down and she’s a blog reader, and it turns out I talk just like I write. 🙂

  9. Kirsten said:

    Well, now I’m crying over my morning coffee. But this was still a good way to start my day.

  10. maggiebea said:

    What a lovely story! Thanks for making both Ophelia and Gertrude comprehensible — I’ve often wondered why Shakespeare bothered to include them the way he did.

  11. That’s so beautiful, I think I’m gonna cry. The cab driver was so kind, and I think you just gave me a new headcanon for Ophelia. (Was the casket open at the funeral? I don’t think so…)

  12. misspiggy said:

    Crying too. And thanks for the fascinating insight on why Hamlet can be so hard to like.

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