14 thoughts on “Story Club Magazine is out.

  1. Is there any way of getting the story that you had promised to the people who donated during the last pledge drive?

    1. That is this. Very sorry to keep you waiting! The promise of a story is an artifact of a *specific* pledge drive that I have apparently not been able to edit out of Paypal donate button.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Captain. I don’t remember seeing it before, being workshopped, and it was so perfect to read today. So lovely and thoughtful and sharp, and the cab driver’s words so kind.

  3. That’s a wonderful story. And I like the cabbie. And yes! Gertrude totally lied about Ophelia. What a much better end for them both. Living their own lives. Not mere reflections of some one else’s main event

  4. Captain, I read this on my break at work and would have let myself cry the tears I was feeling if I hadn’t had to go back in. Thank you for this, it’s beautiful.

  5. I have to admit I just wanted to hear your voice! 😛 From now on I will read(hear) everything differently.

    1. Ha! One of my students was trying to figure out how she knew my voice at the beginning of the semester, like, did I do radio or a podcast or something? And then we narrowed it down and she’s a blog reader, and it turns out I talk just like I write. 🙂

  6. Well, now I’m crying over my morning coffee. But this was still a good way to start my day.

  7. What a lovely story! Thanks for making both Ophelia and Gertrude comprehensible — I’ve often wondered why Shakespeare bothered to include them the way he did.

  8. That’s so beautiful, I think I’m gonna cry. The cab driver was so kind, and I think you just gave me a new headcanon for Ophelia. (Was the casket open at the funeral? I don’t think so…)

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