London Meetup, 11 October

Kate, intrepid organizer and Knitting Inspector has sent the details:

Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, SE1 8XX near Waterloo station, 11th October, 11am onwards.

Knitting and other crafts – crochet, sewing, macrame, or anything else you want to do.  Please bring spare yarn/needles/whatever if you have them for people to try, or just come and chat to us while we knit.  I can teach knitting and sewing to intermediate levels, but not the other crafts, so anyone who can teach them would be particularly welcome.

Last time we knitted we also ended up casting a tension-filled Knitting Procedural Drama (I have omitted cast names other than me, but feel free to comment to add yourselves):

– Knitting Inspector, solver of knitting-related mysteries, and stash buster – me!

– Sidekick and comic relief to the Inspector
– Grizzled veteran of the team, traditionalist, insisting on 100% wool
– Criminal mastermind known as the Great Unraveller
– Evil Minion
– Informer, playing both sides against each other for money
– Expert consultant called in by the team for knotty problems
– Shadowy figure

If you would like to cast yourself in (or on) to this drama, or come up with tangled plotlines, go ahead…

This venue is working out really well.

They sell food in a cafe (standard sandwiches etc.), but they also don’t mind people bringing food in from outside. There are several other local places where you can buy stuff as well. The excellent food market outside has loads of different food options, which can fit most food requirements, or you can also bring a packed lunch.

Meet on the fourth floor, outside the Blue Bar (go up in the JCB lift, lift 7, which is bright yellow and quite musical).  If you have been to a meetup previously on the second floor, we are now in the equivalent place horizontally, but two floors up vertically, if that makes sense?

Here is the internal map of the Royal Festival Hall:

I will have my Cthulhu with me, which looks like this:  One time I forgot it but I will do my best this time, however if I forget again I will put up a sign. I have long brown hair and glasses.

The venue is accessible via a lift, and has accessible toilets.

The London Awkward group has a Facebook page, which is here:  There is also a thread in the new forums for saying hello.

My email is Kate DOT Towner AT Gmail DOT com

(November meetup will be on the 15th.)



Have fun!

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