Seattle Meetup: Today (August 9)

From Vicki:

Seattle meet-up, last-minute annoucement. (Zee organized this over on the Friends forums, and I noticed there was nothing posted here, so asked if I should let you know.)

People (Zee at least, and almost certainly Vicki) will be gathering at Bauhaus, 414 E. Pine Street (on Pine Street between Crawford Pl and Summit) in Capitol HIll tomorrow, Saturday, August 9, starting around 3:00. Bauhaus serves coffee, tea, other beverages, and light snacks. Look for the big stuffed pony. Zee says “If you’re familiar with the Wells Fargo ponies you’ll recognize it right away, but it’s just a big tan colored stuffed pony.”

  1. Violet said:

    Aw, that would have been fun; have to play a concert at 2 at two though. How late are you planning to stay?

  2. AJB said:

    Zee like panda-loving Zee? If so, super bitter in a joyful way. Been wanting to meet her for years and years now.

  3. Anothermous said:

    Ah boo, I’m sad I had to miss this! I hope everyone had a great time!

  4. Zee said:

    But everyone loves pandas!!

    We are planning another meetup for next month and that time I promise there will be more notice. It would be great to have more people!

  5. Vicki said:

    Like Zee said–small, but we had a great time, and stayed for hours. Also, Bauhaus (which I’d not been to before) is a good place for hanging out, and has good tea.

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