ICYMI, Recent Advice for TV characters @IndieWire

Amantha & Daniel walk in a field on Rectify

IndieWire keeps letting me mix advice and fanfiction for money. These all contain some spoilers, so if you are way behind on these shows you might not want to dig in.

This week’s Indiewire column is about my new favorite show, Rectify, airing now on the Sundance Channel. How do you pick your life back up after you’ve been living for someone else? (How can I get their cinematographer to shoot everything?) I think the friendship between Daniel & Kerwin is one of the most beautiful and hopeful things I’ve ever watched unfold on film.

Last week’s was about Masters of Sex, and what to do when your husband comes out after 30 years of marriage.

And of course, Hannibal is very lonely right now and missing his friends*, so he sends weird presents and questions to Captain Awkward. This, I think, will be a recurring theme.

I just started watching Outlander and Finding Carter, on your recs, and Dr. Who is going to be back soon so we’ll need to talk about how “My friend had a near-death experience, and now he’s different. Really, really different.”


*When you stab every one you know, you eventually end up with no friends.

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    1. At the usual place, just put “For Indiewire” in the subject line. I would welcome not having to write the questions myself, it’s hard!

    1. Rectify is so beautiful! Difficult subject matter handled with sensitivity and love for humans.

    1. Ok, a fictionalized version of that in fiction (and only fiction) would tickle me to no end, tho.

  1. I’ve read all the Gabaldon books, and if the tv show is true to them at all, I’m dying to see which character will write in to you, and how you will handle it!

  2. Whoops! It’s not actually intrinsically obvious to every Awkwardeer that Diana Gabaldon wrote the _Outlander_ books. Sorry- that’s the show I meant.

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