10 thoughts on “Advice on love, identity, vaginas, and stand-up comedy

  1. That was wonderfully honest and oh god I might have a new crush.

    Also, big shout out to Rookie! I totally read them even though I’m out of their target audience. I appreciate that they have bad ass queer women writing for them. Krista from Effing Dykes was writing for them. A teen magazine that dares give her an audience of teen girls?!?!?! Sign me up.

    1. I think there are a lot of readers of Rookie who aren’t their audience, TBH. And, I think it’s a sad statement about the world of women’s magazine publishing that this is the case. I know one reason TG started Rookie is because she wanted there to be a Sassy for her generation. I think women outside the Rookie demographic, for whom Sassy WAS their magazine, wish there was a Sassy for them right now.

    1. I took it from Rookie’s site, where there is not a transcript, and I do not have time to make a transcript. Which sucks, I am sorry.

      1. I have time to make a transcript today. What should I do with it when it’s made?

          1. Ok, didn’t have as much time as I thought I did. I’m still working on the transcript and will post it in this thread when I’m done.

  2. Oh wow, that advice to the young stand-up comic was *splendid*. I had never looked at it that way: when another comic uses their open-mike time to heckle the audience, they are wasting their own chance. They get no usable material and they do not grow. Whereas you can use it as a growth and learning experience for you. (OK, my paraphrase is pretty clumsy, but her answer was great.)

    Big Labia, No Complaints 😉

  3. My heart bleeds for the question asker who is interested in a sexual experience but is ashamed of what people might think of her genitals. Oh honey, your body is fine, there’s nothing wrong with your body. *hugs forever*

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