Munich Meetup, August 8

From organizer Mercy:

Outdoor Munich meetup!

Summer being summer, and Munich being Munich, we thought we’d meet up at a Biergarten, weather permitting.

Meetup day: Friday, August 8
Meetup time: 6pm

As long as it’s not raining, we’re meeting up at the Michaeligarten Biergarten, in Ostpark. The U-Bahn stop is Michaelibad (U5). To get to the biergarten, you walk past the Freibad and enter the park, going along the north side of the lake. First, you’ll reach the Michaeligarten restaurant, and the Biergarten is around the restaurant, on the lake-shore.

Because it’s a Biergarten, you can buy food there or bring your own (you just have to buy your drinks there).

The stuffed frog will make an appearance on the table so we can find each other. We don’t have a planned activity (yet), but feel free to suggest something.

If you need to contact the organizers, the email is still

Have the best time.

5 thoughts on “Munich Meetup, August 8

  1. Wait what, there’s german Awkwardeers? And they’re meeting up in Munich NOW THAT I’VE MOVED AWAY FROM MUNICH? *goes to sit in a corner weeping silently*

      1. I suppose I would be, if I weren’t a chronic mover. My life is incredibly unstable for a variety of reasons, so I quite literally don’t know where I’ll be in only a few months and how things will shift tomorrow. I’ll be on the lookout though, now that I know, and keep that possibility in mind. That’s comforting in itself. 🙂

    1. There are meetups in other parts of Germany in the planning stages, I think, so there’s hope!

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